It might or might not be possible to skyrocket the rate of research. In order to skyrocket research, there has to exist a large group of people almost all of which are following a set of rules. There might be more than one set of rules. However, in order to skyrocket research, it's not enough for each person to just follow their own set of rules that they figured out would work if everybody followed them. What we need to do is actually carefully research what initial action a small research group of people can do that will lead to the research group growing bigger while collaborating in a highly complex efficient way for super fast research with partial use of Watson. Here are some of the problems to avoid in order to conduct super fast research:

  • Have a lot of the people in the research group fully trained on how to run a C program on Watson to find the answer they're looking for. No matter how much better Watson gets at answering questions in English later, it will still be useful to have people who can do that.
  • Make sure some of the humans conducting research learn and understand some of the super complex statements that are defined in terms of a much huger amount of information than any human can learn and be able to figure out other statements from them. Having a computer that's highly intelligent without any humans understanding how it does it will just waste more time later researching how to make Watson more intelligent. This will also make it easy for the research group to accept a large number of new people and train them.
  • Feed Watson a C program that will cause it to teach itself how to get smarter and smarter.

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