This article is only about how to train people to conduct research. For general training in everything, see Start a training organization

Some high level research groups should have people that train people on how to the method of research that's part of the whole community of collaborative researchers working in a very complex way like a brain and before enough time goes by for that community to be able to, they should be training people to do the right method of research that will get that community on track for researching in a very complex way. The really good trainers should be payed a really high salary by the government. Each person should be trained to do research in a way that's part of the way the whole collaborative research community should do it, not do what will probably slightly benefit research. That means they should pass on certain ideas even if they don't think they need to because sometimes 2 of the large number of passed on ideas will be connected together to discover something that helps research. Each person getting trained should have a full understanding of why the way they're doing research is the way that works so well, whose explanation uses very complex statements that they do understand whose truth value depends on areas of biology getting researched that they know nothing about. The reason why they should have that understanding is because that will enable good research on how research in general should be done.